CSCI 4964/6963 Interactive Visualization
Spring 2016

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Assignment #7: Final Project Ideas

Note: This is a shorter-than-usual homework assignment and will be worth half the points of a typical weekly assignment.

  • First, read the requirements for the Final Project.

  • Brainstorm ideas for the final project for this course. Come up with 2 different possible projects.

  • For each of your 2 ideas:

    • Write a short ~100 word paragraph describing of the project. Answer the "who" (audience), "why" (research question), "what" (the finished visualization), etc.

    • In a second ~100 word paragraph, describe one significant and specific technical challenge for the project. What makes this a difficult project? Or said differently, what is a potential "risk" to your successful completion of this project before the end of the semester? Examples of challenges are:

      • acquiring the data,
      • working with very large data,
      • implementing a new visualization design,
      • implementing a novel interaction scheme, or
      • revising the visualization design to appropriately present and allow the user to validate the hypothesized information/pattern you believe is hidden in the data.
  • Deadline for PART 1: Thursday March 24th @ 11:59pm
    Make a post on LMS with your two different project ideas.

    At the bottom of the post indicate if you've already chosen one of these ideas, if you already have a partner for the final project (who?), if you're looking for a partner for one of these ideas, and/oror if you're open to working on someother topic.

  • Deadline for PART 2: Monday March 28th @ 11:59pm
    Post a response to 3 other students' posts. Pick one of their proposed ideas and:

    • Ask a detailed question about the project idea,
    • Suggest a specific dataset source,
    • Suggest a specific visualization toolkit to use for the project,
    • Suggest a reference (paper, book, URL, etc.), or
    • Pose a related research question and/or hypothesis.

    Let's try to distribute the responses so that everyone gets at least 2 responses of feedback.