4020 Homework Guide

Homework in Computer Algorithms

Homework Submission, Late Homeworks:
Homework should submitted on LMS as a pdf file, and also a printout must be handed in at the beginning of lecture on the day it is due. If you want to receive a grade for your homework, you must turn in a physical copy; as long as you turn it in on LMS on time, you can turn in the physical copy late without penalty. If a solution to a problem requires multiple pages, these should be stapled together. The homework should be typed, although you can include hand-drawn formulas or figures.

I highly suggest learning and using LaTeX to format your homework. For some resources, I recommend a LaTeX tutorial; for actual writing I suggest either installing MiKTeX or using an online editor like Overleaf. LaTeX abilities will be useful for you far beyond this course, so it is well worth learning.

Homework should be handed in at the beginning of lecture on the day it is due. Any homework turned in after this point will result in a 50% grade reduction, and no homework will be accepted more than one day late, except in the case of a genuine emergency.

Writing Proofs and Algorithms:

Working Together:

You are allowed to work with a partner; each pair of students can submit just one copy of a homework together, as long as each of the pair writes up one of the homework problems. In addition to your partner, you are allowed (and encouraged) to discuss homework problems with other members of the class, and to formulate ideas together. There is no penalty for working in groups. However, every pair must write up their assignments separately, and include the list of "collaborators" that you discussed the assignment with. Make sure that you spend a lot of time thinking about the problems yourself and writing up the solutions; students who only follow their partner's lead will find the exams much more difficult.

You may not copy (or near-copy) a solution from another. Failure to write the solution to a homework completely on your own will be considered a breach of academic integrity, and may result in the final grade being reduced by a letter and a 0-grade for the homework for both parties. No collaboration is allowed during exams. It should go without saying that collaborating with people not taking this class, or using any resource other than the class textbook or notes, is a serious breach of academic integrity and will be punished severely.


Returning Homework:
Homeworks will be returned in self-service stacks at the end of class. If you prefer more privacy, clearly write "HOLD" at the top of the solution to every problem you hand in. These problems, as well as any homework not picked up in class, can be picked up from me during office hours.