Compuational Science And

Engineering Program (CSEP)

At Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

What is CSEP?

CESP is an interdisciplinary program with a goal of educating students in

(i) a scientific or engineering discipline
(ii) software design, development, and verification
(iii) numerical algorithms and analysis
(iv) computer architecure

CSEP students are associated with a "home department" within Science or Engineering where they take 75% of their courses. The remaining 25% of thier curriculum is composed of "base courses" in computer science and engineering, numerical anaysis, and scientific computation. Students in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Mathematical Sciences take 75% base course and 25% of thier courses in an area of natural science or engineering.

A wide selection of courses in computer science and engineering, numerical analysis, and computational engineering and science are available. Research projects and job opportunites abound. Some, but not all, areas of interest are adaptive approaches for solving partial differential equations, parallel computation, advanced finite element formulations, linear algebra, multiscale techniques, solid and fluid mechanics, composite media, biomechanics, material science, signal processing, electro-magnetics, and optics.

Rensselaer has an excellent computational environment including parallel computers such as our IBM SP/2, visualization systems, and high-preformance workstations. Many projects also utilize computing resources at National Supercomputer Centers.

How Do You Get Involved?

Apply for graduate admissions in the academic department of your choice. Simutaneously notify the contact person below of your interest in the CSEP Program and indicate you departmental selection.

Want More Information?

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Department of Compuer Science
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