Research Projects

One research project with Jamal Faik (Oracle), Luis Gervasio and Jim Teresco (Williams College) consists of design and implementation of a model to improve the effectiveness of dynamic load balancing algorithms on heterogeneous parallel computers. The model, called DRUM (Dynamic Resource Utilization Model), is being integrated within the Zoltan Dynamic Load Balancing Library developed and distributed by Sandia National Laboratories. DRUM encapsulates hardware resources and their interconnection topology, and provides monitoring facilities with information for dynamic evaluation of communication, memory and processing capabilities. Heterogeneity is quantified by merging the information from the monitors to produce a scalar number called "power." This power allows DRUM to be used easily by existing load-balancing procedures such as those in the Zoltan Toolkit, while placing minimal burden on application programmers. Further information about DRUM and related publications can be found at the DRUM website.

Another project with Peng Hu (ALGOR) focuses on discontinuous Galerkin finite element methods for fluid dynamics with applications in multi-material interaction problems. Peng's research interests also extend to scientific computation and adaptive methods for hyperbolic partial differential equations.