Foundations of Computer Science (FOCS) Assignments


  1. Your assignments are due by the end of day Monday, 11:59pm
  2. You MUST type up your solutions in LaTeX. For example, sample.tex when compiled produces this pdf. Many tutorials and references are available online.
  3. You MUST start each problem on a new page. Do not submit code.
  4. Write well, be brief, and to the point. Use proper grammar and write in complete sentences. Even if your solution is correct, if it is not well-written you will not receive full points. For examples of well-written solutions, see the solutions to the pop quizzes and exercises in DMC on the main page; examples are given for every chapter of DMC.
  5. You MUST submit your solution as a pdf, electronically (see the main page). We WILL NOT accept email submissions.

Assignment Format


Quizzes and Exams

Quiz 1 Solution
Midterm (W) / Midterm (F) Solution (W) / Solution (F)
Quiz 2 Solution
Quiz 3 Solution
Final Solution


Historical examples

See Prof. Malik's 2019 FOCS assignment page for examples of previous assignments, quizzes, and exams.