OPENING KEYNOTE: Ben Bederson, University of Maryland [Tue 8:30 - 10:00]:
"Interfaces for Staying in the Flow"
Session Chair: Margaret Burnett

PAPERS: Program Comprehension [Tue 10:30 - 12:00] --- Session Chair: Marian Petre
  • First Steps in Programming: A Rationale for Attention Investment Models

  • A. Blackwell
  • Novice Comprehension of Programs Using Task-Specific and Non-Task-Specific Constructs

  • A. Engebretson and S. Wiedenbeck
  • Is There Any Difference in Novice Comprehension of a Small Program Written in the Event-Driven and Object-Oriented Styles?

  • B. Khazaei and M. Jackson

TECH NOTES 1: End Users and Usability [Tue 1:30 - 3:00] --- Session Chair: Andy Schuerr
  • Applying Attention Investment to End-User Programming

  • A. Blackwell and M. Burnett
  • An Empirical Study of User Preference and Performance with UML Diagrams

  • C. Britton, M. Kutar, S. Anthony, T. Barker, S. Beecham, and V. Wilkinson
  • Quantifying Developer Experiences via Heuristic and Psychometric Evaluation

  • R. Kline, A. Seffah, H. Javahery, M. Donayee, and J. Rilling
  • An Empirical Analysis of Roles of Variables in Novice-Level Procedural Programs

  • J. Sajaniemi
  • A New Interface to Spreadsheet Programming: A Truly Seamless Fusion of Spreadsheet and Word Processing Paradigms

  • J. Sajaniemi
  • Making Abstract Specifications Concrete to End-Users: The Visual Workshop Hierarchy Strategy

  • P. Carrara, D. Fogli, G. Fresta, and P. Mussio

TECH NOTES 2: Applications [Tue 1:30 - 3:00] --- Session Chair: Joseph J. Pfeiffer, Jr.
  • Virtual Reality Interaction: The Characteristic Pattern Approach

  • A. Celentano, D. Fogli, P. Mussio, and F. Pittarello
  • Dynamic Layout Management in a Multimedia Bulletin Board

  • H. Kang, B. Shneiderman, and G. Wolff
  • Supporting the Construction of Real World Interfaces

  • D. McCrickard, D. Wrighton, and D. Bussert
  • A Method for Providing Program Interoperability for End-Users

  • R. Moten
  • An Empirical Study of Web Personalization Assistants: Supporting End-Users in Web Information Systems

  • K. Kim, J. Carroll, and M. Rosson
  • Assertions in End-User Software Engineering: A Think-Aloud Study

  • C. Wallace, C. Cook, J. Summet, and M. Burnett

TECH NOTES 3: Visual Languages [Tue 3:30 - 5:30] --- Session Chair: Jenny Tortora
  • Visual Scripting for Handheld Computers

  • S. Armstrong, Y. Kollet, and T. Smedley
  • A Visual Framework for Modeling with Heterogeneous Notations

  • J. Flower, J. Howse, J. Taylor, and S. Kent
  • Concrete Programming with Reactive Objects

  • S. Gauvin and T. Smedley
  • Portability and Reuse of Components for Spreadsheet Languages

  • M. Montigel
  • A Visual Query Language for Software Visualization

  • S. Reiss
  • An Interrogative Approach to Novice Programming

  • A. Quinn
  • A Data-flow Testing Methodology for a Dataflow Based Visual Programming Language

  • M. Karam and T. Smedley

TECH NOTES 4: Design and Environments [Tue 3:30 - 5:30] --- Session Chair: Steve Tanimoto
  • Solving Design Problems in a Logic-Based Visual Design Environment

  • O. Banyasad and P. Cox
  • Defining Behaviors for Solids in a Visual Design Environment

  • O. Banyasad and P. Cox
  • W/AGE: The Windsor Attribute Grammar Programming Environment

  • R. Frost
  • The "Algorithms Studio" Project: Using Sketch-Based Visualization Technology to Construct and Discuss Visual Representations of Algorithms

  • C. Hundhausen
  • Mulspren: A MUltiple Language Simulation PRogramming ENvironment

  • T. Wright and A. Cockburn
  • Error Detection Support in a Cellular Modeling End-User Programming Environment

  • M. Vass and P. Schoenhoff
  • Toward a Unified Paradigm for Constructing and Understanding Robot Processes

  • C. Hancock


KEYNOTE TALK: Randy Pausch, Carnegie Mellon University [Wed 8:30 - 10:00]:
"Alice: A System Using 3D Graphics to Teach Computer Programming"
Session Chair: Martin Erwig

PAPERS: Program Development [Wed 10:30 - 12:00] --- Session Chair: Susan Wiedenbeck
  • Flexible Software Process Enactment Support in the APSEE Model

  • C. Reis, R. Reis, M. Abreu, H. Schlebbe, and D. Nunes
  • Multi-User Collaborative Visual Program Development

  • J. Campbell
  • The Use of the GXL Approach for Supporting Visual Language Specification and Interchanging

  • G. Costagliola, V. Deufemia, F. Ferrucci, and C. Gravino

PAPERS: Spreadsheets and Forms [Wed 1:30 - 3:00] --- Session Chair: Trevor Smedley
  • Visually Customizing Inference Rules about Apples and Oranges

  • M. Burnett and M. Erwig
  • Reasoning about Many-to-Many Requirement Relationships in Spreadsheets

  • L. Beckwith, M. Burnett, and C. Cook
  • A Data Mapping Specification Environment using a Concrete Business Form-Based Metaphor

  • Y. Li, J. Grundy, R. Amor, and J. Hosking

PAPERS: Stagecast Creator [Wed 3:30 - 4:30] --- Session Chair: Eileen T. Kraemer
  • A Community Learns Design: Towards a Pattern Language for Novice Visual Programmers

  • T. Lewis, M. Rosson, J. Carroll, and C. Seals
  • Fun Learning Stagecast Creator: An Exercise in Minimalism and Collaboration

  • C. Seals, M. Rosson, J. Carroll, T. Lewis, and L. Colson


PANEL: Empirical Studies of Programming-in-the-Large: How and Why? [Thu 8:30 - 10:00]
Moderators: Marian Petre and Susan Wiedenbeck

PAPERS: Usability [Thu 10:30 - 12:00] --- Session Chair: Alan Blackwell
  • Towards Formal Measures of Usability for Visual Interactive Systems

  • P. Bottoni, M. Costabile, S. Levialdi, and A. Piccinno
  • Using HCI Techniques to Design a More Usable Programming System

  • J. Pane, B. Myers, and L. Miller
  • Coordination of Multiple External Representations during Java Program Debugging

  • P. Romero, R. Lutz, R. Cox, and B. du Boulay

PAPERS: Visualization and Animation [Thu 1:30 - 3:00] --- Session Chair: John Hosking
  • MAVIS: A Multi-Level Algorithm Visualization System within a Collaborative Distance Learning Environment

  • I. Koifman, I. Shimshoni, and A. Tal
  • Interactive Visualization of Java Programs

  • P. Gestwicki and B. Jayaraman
  • Empirical Evidence that Algorithm Animation Promotes Understanding of Distributed Algorithms

  • M. Tudoreanu, R. Wu, A. Hamilton-Taylor, and E. Kraemer

CLOSING KEYNOTE: Clayton Lewis, University of Colorado at Boulder [Thu 3:30 - 5:00]:
"HCI: Where Are We Now, Where Might We Go From Here?"
Session Chair: Stefano Levialdi