Schedule of Student Presentations
C SCI 4600 -- The Human-Computer Interface
Spring Semester, 2002

LAST REVISED: Thursday, April 18, 2002

TUESDAY, March 19:

   $\bullet$     Daniel Jemiolo and Kelly Lisai -- CHI'99 and CHI'00
$\bullet$     James Morgan -- ISWC'00
$\bullet$     Robert John and Jeremy Martin -- UIST'00, CHI'01 and UIST'01

TUESDAY, March 26:

   $\bullet$     Soumeya Benghanem -- CHI'99 and ASSETS'00
$\bullet$     Terry Minshall and Harry Tongelidis -- CHI'00
$\bullet$     Benjamin Sadoski and Elaine Eng --- ASSETS'00
$\bullet$     Anca Shannon Georges and Jeffrey Gordon -- CHI'01 and UIST'01


   $\bullet$     Michael Vanne -- CHI'99 and CHI'00
$\bullet$     Philip Sirigiano and Ali Amin -- CHI'01 and UIST'01
$\bullet$     Carlos Maldonado and Jason Gerrish -- CHI'99, ISWC'00 and CHI'01
$\bullet$     Michael Rabbitt and Michal Sterzycki -- ASSETS'00, UIST'00 and UIST'01

TUESDAY, April 09:

   $\bullet$     Matt Streit and Alex Redington -- CHI'99 and CHI'00
$\bullet$     Andrew Houlihan and Ed Noepel -- UIST'99, CHI'00 and CHI'01
$\bullet$     Andrew Chan and Adam Kovalik -- CHI'00 and UIST'01
$\bullet$     Lee Rodgers and Sona Ahuja -- CHI'99, ISWC'00 and ISWC'01

TUESDAY, April 16:

   $\bullet$     Shannon Bauman and Andrew Sheh -- CHI'99
$\bullet$     Rahul Kumar -- CHI'00
$\bullet$     Ben Posner -- CHI'00, ISWC'00 and CHI'01
$\bullet$     Nicholas Costa and Matthew Sullivan -- CHI'99, CHI'00 and CHI'01

FRIDAY, April 19:

   $\bullet$     Paul Polichronakis -- CHI'99 and UIST'01
$\bullet$     Craig O'Neil and Murugan Pandian -- ASSETS'00, CUU'00 and CHI'01
$\bullet$     Simon Barajas and Robert Duong -- CHI'99 and UIST'01
$\bullet$     Scott Fallier and Frank Tobias -- CHI'00 and CHI'01

FRIDAY, April 26:

   $\bullet$     Rodney Powers and Chet Zhang -- CHI'00 and CHI'01
$\bullet$     Eric G. Internicola --- UIST'99, CUU'00 and CHI'01
$\bullet$     Padraic Doyle and Michael Maruffi --- CHI'00 and CHI'01