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Required RCOS Forms

1. Before you fill out any forms, you need a project. Use Slack to find a project that you can join.

2. Once you have a project to work on, you next need a proposal (which is a one-page PDF). Each team member must use the same proposal. Please be sure all team member names and RPI emails are on the proposal. Further, proposals must be at least 200 words.

3. Download the URP form below, open it in Adobe, and modify it by specifying your name, RPI email address, RIN, degree program(s) (i.e., major(s)), class year, and project title. If you're not sure which project you'll be working on, please make your best guess. Be sure to remove/replace anything with square brackets!

4. If you are doing RCOS for credit, specify the course number (either CSCI 2941 or CSCI 4941) and the number of credits, which must be 1, 2, 3, or 4. If you are new to RCOS, use CSCI 2941; otherwise, use CSCI 4941. Note that for CSCI majors, these credits only apply as free elective credits. If you end up with more than 21 credits, you will also need to have your credit overload approved; to do so, print and fill out Authorization Form 1, and submit it to me.

5. Proofread your URP form. Be sure there are no square brackets still to replace!

6. Print only page 1 of the form, sign it in ink, and specify today's date in ink.

7. Print your proposal; it will be page two of what you submit, but please do not use staples or paper clips or any weird folding/tearing of the papers!

8. Proofread your forms again. If there is anything incorrect, go back to step 3.

9. Deliver your form and proposal to me during my office hours (see above) by 3:50PM Thursday 9/13/2018. I will review them to be sure they are correct. Do not slip your forms under my door or else they will be shredded!

10. Check SIS in about a week to confirm that you have the proper independent study credits (i.e., either CSCI 2941 or CSCI 4941) and the appropriate number of credits.

11. Jump up and down with joy, then work hard on your RCOS project and have a good semester!

RCOS - Fall 2018

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