A pronoun proposal

I am tired of seeing they, them, themself, their, and theirs used as singular pronouns. But if we drop the "th" in favor of an "n" then we get some nice sounding words that are immediately understandable to the ear and that do not already mean something else. Thus, I propose the following:

1st person singular 2nd person singular 3rd person singular, male 3rd person singular, female 3rd person singular, no gender 3rd person singular, unknown gender 1st person plural 2nd person plural 3rd person plural
I you (thou) he she it ney we you they
me you (thee) him her it nem us you them
myself yourself (thyself) himself herself itself nemself ourselves yourselves themselves
my your (thy) his her its neir our your their
mine yours (thine) his hers its neirs ours yours theirs


If someone says it is neirs, give it to nem.

Each employee should wash neir hands before returning to work.

A person who comes here must behave nemself.

I greet each guest as ney enters the room.

Copyright 2010, Lee Newberg. All rights reserved.