Foundations of Computer Science (FOCS), CSCI 2200, RPI

Instructor: Malik Magdon-Ismail
Office: 312 Lally
Tel: 276-4857
Office Hours: MR 12-1pm (or by appointment)
Email: magdonatcsdotrpidotedu

Name: Maksim Tsikanovich (tsikhm), Daniel Park (parkd5), Jun Wang (wangj38).
Office Hours:
MONDAY: 6-8pm, Lally 02.
TUESDAY:4-6pm, LOW 3130.
WEDNESDAY: 5-7pm, AE 127.
(email for appointment).
UG-Mentors: Mike Adams (adamsm6), Matt Dobbins (dobbim), Zimu Guo (guoz4) and Haoxin Luo (luoh2)

Questions: email focshelp (a gmail address) for help with questions.

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