Machine Learning From Data (CSCI 4100/6100), RPI
Instructor: Malik Magdon-Ismail

Office: 312 Lally
Tel: 276-4857
Office Hours: MR 12-1pm (or by appointment)
Email: magdonatgmaildotcom

Unfortunately the course has limited capacity, by permission of instructor only.
Priority will be given to CSCI-majors who have fulfilled the prerequisites. Other students who have the prerequisites and wish to get into the course should get on one of the waitlists ASAP.
Waitlist for CSCI-4100
Waitlist for CSCI-6100
The waitlist will be cleared at the begining of the fall session on a case-by-case basis.

TAs: Chander Iyer (iyerc)
UG-Mentors: Fang, Yue (fangy3), Martino, Robert (martir14), Zhang, Yipeng (zhangy40)
(email TAs or UG-mentors for appointment).

 Help Hours: Mon, Thur, 2-4pm, AE 112 (Chander); Sun 2-6pm, Library Fishbach Room (UG-mentors).
 Email: Send questions to lfdhelp (this is a gmail-address)

Course Details:
 General Course Information
 Important Dates
  Assignments and Exams
  Textbook: Learning From Data, Abu-Mostafa, Magdon-Ismail, Lin. (For topics not covered, we will provide references or notes.)

The forum at is for discussing anything in the LFD-book. In particular, comments, questions or clarifications are welcome. We (or other students) will try to answer all posted questions in a timely manner. Please do not send us such questions by email individually.

For all other non LFD-book questions, use email.

Email List: The class email list will be extracted from SIS. If you are not registered, you will not be on the email list.

Announcements: Announcements which are made in class may not be repeated via email. It is the student's responsibility to be aware of and understand all announcements made in class.