Quotable Quotes

Some things that I find useful to keep in mind.
There is nothing wrong with being a dinosaur, as long as you don't mind going extinct.
Free speech is meant to protect unpopular speech. Popular speech, by definition, needs no protection. -- Neal Boortz
Be ready at a moments notice to argue for the unpopular view, for by definition there are enough arguing for the other view.
Progress results from people taking unpopular positions
If it's important, read it again/do it again.
If you think an education is expensive, try ignorance. (The Capital Times, 1974; versions of this theme existed since 1874)
We are all merely specs, the aggregate of which shall be the History of the Universe
Perfect is not a practical word. Perfection...its a moving target that's always just a little bit ahead of you.
It is not necessary to try everything at least once. Just don't judge that which you do not try.
If you feel that something being asked of you is unreasonable then you should have the guts to stand up for yourself and just say no.
We all perform at our best only when we feel that we are slightly threatened. (Amir Atiya)
The only reason we yearn to live is because of the finality and inevitability of death.
A picture is trully worth a thousand words.
Necessity is often the mother of invention but many a break through has been the result of the pleasurable intellectual doodlings of a curious mind. (paraphrased from A. N. Whitehead)
A teacher affects eternity, for no one can tell where his influence stops. (Henry Adams)
The way that can be walked is not the perfect way. The word that can be said is not the perfect word.
If it weren't for that infamous last minute, nothing would ever get done.
To prove something to someone, it only suffices to convince them that it is true.
All roads lead to Rome. The key issue is how fast do they get you there?
We are all regularized by our parents.
When solving a problem, it is not necessary, but sometimes easier to solve a more general problem.
A mathematician who assumes nothing also proves nothing.
Natura non fecit saltum.
In hope we derive pleasure, even if those hopes turned out in vain. (Egyptian saying)
Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you did not do than the things that you did do.
Don't ask a man on a sinking ship to swim to shore; send him some help.
A curious human condition is curiosity: we try even though sometimes we fail.
The reasonable man adapts himself to a changing environment. The unreasonable man changes his environment to suit him. We are indebted to the unreasonable man, for therein lies all progress.
If you are about to kill someone, there is no harm in being polite. (Churchill)
Is it better to have well being for everyone with inequality, or suffering for everyone with equality? (Churchill)