Download and isntall Eclipse Oxygen. Newer versions of Eclipse include Java, JUnit and a Git plugin, so there is no need to download anything else!

Step 1: Clone HW0 repository in Eclipse:

  1. Go to File -> Import.
  2. Select Git -> Projects from Git.
  3. Select Clone URI and click Next.
  4. Enter the URI:
    YourRCSID is your RPI email id, e.g., milana5, NOT YOUR RIN.
  5. Enter your RCSID and password then click Next.
  6. In the Branch Selection dialog, click Next. (master should be selected)
  7. In the Local Destination dialog, select a target directory for the local Git repo (e.g., /Users/milanova/git/milana5_hw0), then click Next.
    Important: Remember the target directory! You will need to type it in when creating the Eclipse Java project.
  8. In the dialog that appears, select "Import using the New Project wizard", then click Finish.
  9. In the New Project dialog, select Java -> Java Project, then click Next. (this will start creation of a new Java project)
  10. In Project Name, type "csci2600-hw0", unselect "Use Default Location" then in Location, enter the target directory where the local Git repo resides (in our example, /Users/milanova/git/milana5_hw0), then click Finish.
  11. At this point, you have created a Java project under Git version control. In Package Explorer you should see a project named csci2600-hw0 [target_directory master] with subdirectory src. Typically, you will see the JRE System Library as well. In directory src you should have directory hw0, the first homework assignment. Open the description of the homework: .../hw0/docs/hw0.html.
  12. Last, include JUnit to get rid of the errors: Right-click on project csci2600-hw0, then Build Path -> Add Libraries... -> JUnit (JUnit 4) -> Finish. To run JUnit tests, right-click on a test file, e.g.,, or on an entire test directory, then select Run As -> JUnit Test.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that your directory structure is correct. If not, compilation on Submitty will fail resulting in a grade of 0. You must have project csci2600-hw0 with subdirectory src. Directory src must have subdirectory hw0 and hw0 must have subdirectories answers, docs and test. These show as hw0, hw0.answers, and hw0.test subfolders of src in Project Explorer.

Step 2: Use Git:

Step 3: Turn in HW0:

Once you are done with the assignment, and have pushed to Git on the server, click Submit in Submitty (authenticate with your RCS credentials). Submitty retrieves your Git repository and autogrades parts of the assignment. We highly recommend that you commit and push early and often, not just when you are done with the assignment!

The Submitty page will become available a few days after the homework assignment has been posted.