Paper Presentation by Students

12/2 Doug Gregor and Brad King Topic-Sensitive Page Rank and Page Rank Visualization Talk Slides and Software
12/2 Paul Horn Dense Subgraph Identification Talk Slides (in power point)
12/2 Aaron Sherman Discovering Communities among File Sharers Talk Slides
12/4 James Flemer, David Scherzer and Matthew Schumaker Comparison of Topologies of Self-Organized Randomly Scattered Wireless Networks Project paper (in postscript) and Tak Slides (in pdf)
12/4 Eric Anderson and Victor Boyarshinov Timing and Convergence Analysis of PageRank and HITS Algorithm Eric Talk Slides (ppt) and Victor Talk Slides (ppt)
12/4 Mike Venzke The Structure of Broad Topics on the Web Talk Slides (ppt)

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