Compiler Design

Fall 2005

Meets 2-3:20 pm in Walker 5113

Syllabus and First Day Handout

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New Announcements

  1. The second quiz will be on 12/8/05 - Open book, Open Notes, 5 questions- 2 on code generation, 2 on code optimization, 1 on AST and code generation.
  2. Lecture Notes, Home Works and Reading Assignements will be posted after the lectures.
  3. Week 1: Reading Chapters 1 and 2 of the text book. Home work: Download and get familar with at least one of lexical and parser generator tools. (JavaCC, SableCC, Lex, Yacc) Lecture 1.

    First Project .

    Lecture 2.

  4. Lectures 3,4 and 5: Chapter 3 - Both Top Down Parsing (Topics covered include LL(1) Parsing, Recursive descent parsing, left factoring, removing left recursion), Bottom Up Parsing (SLR, LR(1), LALR(1) Parsing). Examples with Yacc.
  5. Lectures 6 and 7: Chapter 4 , 5 and 6: Abstract Syntax Tree, Intermediate Representation and Activation Records.
  6. Project2 is on line now Project2.html
  7. First Quiz (open book and open notes) on 10/13/20005 (Thursday). Covers upto Intermediate Code
  8. Projects 3 and 4 are online now..

Usefule Links

  1. MIT Notes
  2. High Level Java Virutal Machine Description
  3. Contains information about JavaCC and SableCC downloads and programs from the text book
  4. Lex manual and Yacc Manual .

Contact People:

Mukkai Krishnamoorthy : (518) 276-6911