General Information

Class hours & location: Monday-Thursday 10-11:50pm,  Low 4050

Instructor: Moorthy

Graduate TAs: You Li (

Graduate TAs: Pranay Anchuri (

Book: Introduction to the Theory of Computation, Michael Sipser, 2nd edition


Office Hours

Instructor - Moorthy: Tuesday & Friday 2pm-3:30pm, Lally 305

TA Pranay Anchuri :   Wednesday 4-6:00 pm AE 217

TA You Li :   Wednesday 2:00-4:00 pm AE 217



*  Exams: 60%

There will be 3 exams (including a final exam). Each of the first two counts 18%., third test counts for 24%

*  Homeworks 35%

There will be 7 homeworks, each will count for 5%.

*  Projects 10%.

      There will be two software projects. Each counts for 5%.

*  Total = 105% (5% is extra credit).

      Grade scale:

A [95,100], A- (95,90],

B+ (90, 85], B (85, 80], B- (80,75]

C+ (75, 70], C (70, 65], C- (65,60]

D (60, 50]


Course Objective

Students will learn different computational models (both machine and language) and their role in computation. Students will learn about Finite State Machines, Pushdown Automata and Turing Machines and role of building simple models for computation tasks. The students will learn the relationship of Machine and Language models. A simple two parts project will teach the students to build an interpreter for a simple language.

Academic Integrity

Collaboration is not allowed. Homeworks, exams, and assignments should be solved and written by individuals alone. Any deviation from these guidelines will result to severe measures such as failing the course.


Posting Questions on WebCT (also known as LMS)

For any questions regarding homeworks, exams, and quizes, you should post a message on the discussion tool of webCT, and then a TA will answer.  Actually, any student can answer questions on webCT, as long as solutions are not revealed. Don't send direct emails to the TAs or instructor, unless you have serious reasons to do so. You can meet with the instructor or the TAs during office hours.