Graph Drawing:

We have deloped two packaages for drawing graphs and graph manipulations.

They are 1) GraphPack a system written in C and X11 R5 to manipulate graphs and digraphs has been in existence since 1987.

2) GraphDraw a system written in Java to draw graphs portable across platforms.

GraphPack communicates with other packages. It is also possible for other packages to communicate with GraphPack. We have also implemented audio animation/annotation with GraphPack.

GraphDraw is written as a graph Drawing package. Others can enhance this package without going through GraphDraw.

Graph Draw in Java


Some results from GraphPack:

  1. Enumeration of all degree 3 graphs of 6 and 8 nodes. See the following paper deg3
  2. That a 3 by 3 grid drawn on a torus is self-complimentary.


Some Useful results from GraphDraw:

People can extend the package in many useful manner, because of the object-oriented design of the system. A few have done so. See for example:



We have written a few papers on graph drawing describing both systems. Please

See the following papers.

  1. GraphPack in tech report
  2. GraphPack in dimacs proceedings dimacs
  3. GraphPack in scientific visualizations. sv
  4. GraphDraw in WWW poster presentations. www6

We are also interested in the display of graphs resulting from various structures. These include triangle graphs and planar graphs with clockwise edge constraints.


Current Work:

We are currently working on the information organization of the world wide web.


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