Pallavi of the capital District

Pallavi of the Capital District wishes you a very Happy 2006. Our concert season starts this April.

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Sri Thiyagarjan and his team brought out a wonderful tenth year souvenir on November 11, 2006. Here is an on-line copy (in doc) format.


  1. Newsletter 1 Feb 2006 (in word txt)
  2. Newsletter 2, Dated June 2006 (in Microsoft word doc format)
  3. Newsletter 3, Dated 21 September 2006 (in txt)

Upcoming Concert

  1. Sunday Dec 16 at 3:00 pm RPI Mothers Carnatic Music Concert vocal Sri Panchapakesan Ramanarayanan, violin Sri Shivkumar Kalyanaraman and Mridangam Sri Ravishankar - All are welcome. Poster and artists bio and directions to Mothers

Past Concerts

  1. November 11: 6:30 pm Acdemy Hall Auditorium, RPI \ Vocal Music by Sudha Raghunathan and Party. For artist's bio and directio\ns to the concert venue, pleease click Artists Bio and Directions .
  2. October 8 3 Pm in Steamer 10 Theater Vocal Music by Maharajapuram Ramachandran and party. Artists Bio and directions to the concert
  3. October 28 2-5:00 pm at RPI West Hall Dance program by Nrityalaya, Montreal with LiveMusic at RPI West Hall Directions
  4. Sharad Sangeetha Utsav On October 1 Co-ordinator (Smt. Vidya Subramanian)
  5. May 13 7:00 -10:00 pm Sowmya Concert in RPI Academy Hall Auditorium Vocal Concert by Sowmya with RK Sriramkumar on violin and Neyveli Narayanan on mridangam Artists Bio Social Hours at 6:30 pm..
  6. Nadaswaram Concert by Kaseem and Babu . Joint with Hindu Temple, Albany on Sunday 18 June at the Hindu Temple. Loudonville.
  7. May 6 whole day -10th Thyagaraja Aradhana And Artists Bio on Saturday May 6, 2006 Morning Panchartatna Kritis. Evening Concert will be a vocal concert by Sri T.V. Ramprasadh with Mysore Srikanth on violin and Tiruvarur Vaidyanathan on mridangam. The concert is on .Thyagaraja Ramayana. where Thyagaraja kritis and Ramayana slide show are simultaneously presented.
  8. April 22 6:00 pm at RPI Acedmy Hall Auditorium -Hindusthani Vocal concert by Ashwini Bhide on April 22.

Other Concerts in the area

  1. October 30th (10/30) Monday 7:30 pm Ustad Shahid Parvez - baithak style sitar concert - Please contact Dr. Nalini Madiwale
  2. May 20 pm Hindustani Vocal Concert by Gundecha Brothers at the Temple Dhrupad Vocal Recital by GUNDECHA BROTHERS WITH AN OPENING PERFORMANCE BY SHUBHA SHANKAR. 5 pm ON May 20 at Hindu Temple, Albany as a part of 30th anniversary celebrations. For more information contact: Ravi Pilar at 783-5833 or Temple website.
  3. Premaji Pandurangan.s Visit in June : Premaji is scheduled to give discourses from June 1 through June 9 at the Hindu Temple. For more information contact N. Balasubramaniam at 346-5125
  4. April 8 2-5:30 pm Thiruppugazh Murugan Charitram and Thru Puzhai Songs Sri TN Bala, a disciple of the music legend Madurai Mani Iyer will be presenting Murugan Charitram and Thirupuzhai songs on April 8 at the Hindu Temple. For more details, please contact Sevugan Chetty at 877-6211

GE Matching Gift

  1. Requirements Thanks to the efforts of Sri. Narayan and Shanta Nair, Pallavi is awarded GE Matching Gift Program this year. Please take a look at Requirements and contribute generously to sustain this grant.
  2. Directions for GE Matching Gift Dr. Suresh Rajaraman has prepared the following document for GE people to make their gift known to GE so that GE can make a matching contribution. GEmatching directions .
If you have any questions please contact Moorthy

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