Chitravina Ravikiran will be visiting Albany from June 1 to June 5, 2010. 
He will be offering workshops and live lessons for music lovers and students 
at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. 

Workshops will be offered on three topics: 
Voice Culture,  Fundamental Approaches, and Do.s and Don.ts of Ragas 
on the evenings of June 2-4, respectively. The tentative time will be from 
6 pm to 7 pm on each day. The registration fee for the workshop per 
person is $150 total for the three days.  

If you would like to participate, please let Ramanath know by the below 
listed means by May 22, 2010.


Individual lessons will be arranged by appointment. If you (or your kids) 
are interested in taking lessons, please let Ramanath know by May 22, 2002 
so that he can include you in the schedule. The fees for each class 
session per person is $50.

Ramanath.s contact information: (518)  522-2720 and