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Mission Statement

To provide a creative, intellectual and entrepreneurial outlet for students to use the latest open-source software platforms to develop applications that solve societal problems.


RCOS is a group of RPI students who work on open source projects. Our members work on a variety of projects, as can be seen here [Link to student project summaries]. We keep up with the status of the projects using a dashboard (the dashboard itself was actually one of the projects!)

Benefits of being an RCOS member:

  • The opportunity to help society by creating useful software.
  • An excellent environment to share your skills with your peers and learn from them as well
  • Great practice in the code review process, a very important skill for your software career!
  • Practice giving and receiving feedback. Learning how to discuss technical and non-technical aspects of a project in a constructive fashion is a critical skill that employers look for!


Students can participate in RCOS for course credit or for a stipend. At the beginning of each semester, the Internal Advisory Board will review project proposals and decide which projects should receive financial support.