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Fall '09

Cankids Donation System and Code The goal of this project is helping design a web-base donation system for Cankids, India by Lixun Liu and Patrick Wong.

ContextKit ContextKit Gnome Project by Rob Carr.

Clang Static Analyzer by Ryan Govostes

Distributed Mirror System This project aims to replace rsync in all popular Linux distributions by Rob Escriva.

Firmant Secure Blog Software by Rob escriva.

Gnome Contact Managment by Tim Horton

Goffe Offline file/folder editor by Bryan Yudlik and Peter Healy.

SLiK Surface (Multi-touch Computer Research and Development) We aim to create software that is as intuitive as possible to accommodate both young and old. We want every application to take advantage of the ability to drag, resize and maneuver by sliding ones fingers. To start we will create an on screen keyboard that appears when two palms are placed on the surface. The size of the keyboard, spacing of the keys and orientation of the keyboard will be a function of the size, spacing and orientation of the palms. by Beau Breadlove and James Kolb.

Fedora Distribution by Ben Boeckel.

RFID Based Computing Environment Lightbulb is designed to illuminate the powers of computing to the masses. It employs an easy to learn, easy to teach and easy to configure system for RFID-based computing. How does all of this work? by Peter Hajas, Aileen Sheedy and Michael O'Keefe.

OLPC Math The basic idea for our RCOS project is a math based game for the One Laptop Per Child XO system. This will hopefully encourage children to learn during their own time, and increase their skill levels. We will incorporated different levels of problems, with a wide variety, so the children should not get bored easily. Another aspect we hope to include is a classroom mode, which will allow the teacher to give the same set of questions to every child using this game. by Priti Kumar and Peter Wakefield

Blog for MCG ProjectA 2.4 GHz microwave dopplar radar based mechano-cardiogram implemented using consumer level wireless networking hardware. by Sean Austin, Diana Mazzalo and Grifin Milsax.

Pokestruct blog Pok struct is a computer science adventure RPG in the spirit of the massively popular Pokemon franchise. by Adam Lloyd.

Social Geo Blog by Social Geo is an open source social networking web application for sharing geographic data. It will be built on top of Crabgrass, an open source social networking site, and GeoServer, an open source server application for storing geographic data. We plan to keep project updates on our blog. by Nate Steadman, Joe Chrzanowski and Zach Alberico.

Tracks GTD BlogTracks is a web-based application to help you implement David Allen's Getting Things Done methodology. by Eric Allen.

Universal Decompiler The Universal Decompiler (uvudec) aims to provide a quick way to do binary analysis and embedded and desktop systems by John McMaster and Alex Radocea.

Wax PHP Framework Blog PHP Framework using the DCI (Data-Context-Interaction) concept. by Joe Chrzanowski

Summer '09

Beacon Android Security Application - an open source application that will allow phones running the Android OS to send GPS coordinates to a web server that is integrated with google maps. Other features include taking photos at the time of GPS activation and master lock.

BuyLocal - Will allow local shops (non chain stores) to list their products and stores on a publicly visible website. Items may be purchased online using Paypal.Buyers can search for items and sort by distance.

Cervitor-Limesurvey- Modified open source survey software for cervitor research purposes.

Flitter- An open source web project that aims to organize communities of people around their interests and activities.

Firmant Secure Blog Software by Rob escriva.

Gmail Comic and Video Game- Two open-source projects titled Gcomic and Ggame. Gcomic exports your Gmail archives into the form of a comic strip. Ggame exports your Gmail archives into the form of a very simple 2D video "game."

iRPI iPhone Project- iRPI is an Open Source Objective-C/Cocoa iPhone OS 3.0 application which makes it easy to access important information about Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. iRPI is built to be easily adapted for other universities and institutions to view their own map, news feed, and contact information.

NGO Database Design- The goal of this project is helping design a small database (donor MIS) for an Indian NGO. The database is designed to collect information on 4-5000 children undergoing cancer.

Bonsai Video- Bonsai Video provides a simple web interface to manage, organize, and distribute videos in a variety of file formats and distribution techniques.

OpenMoney Finance Manager- This project combines several financial tools into one package that allows cross function input, balance check books and use the balances to calculate possible investments / returns. It is designed for use by everyone; people on fixed incomes, businesses, those in debt looking for guidance.

WAX PHP Framework- Designed as a rapid prototyping PHP framework that does not require all the hassles of a traditional PHP MVC framework. Wax involves no command-line interaction and uses a control library to build websites. Wax uses .waxml files (XML Template Files) to generate the frame of a page similar to the way ASP.net works.

Portable Camera-Based Ballot Counting Device - Current design goals are focused on the elimination of image artifacts caused by folds and wrinkles in ballot documents. They are planning to use a transparent plate to physically flatten documents while they are being imaged. So far this has resulted in image saturation due to the reflection of light off the plate. They believe that with the right lighting conditions and material of flattening plate this saturation will be eliminated.

RPI Planner- Working on a new editable degree system this summer using simple XML.

SocialGeo- An open source social networking web application for sharing geographic data. It will be built on top of Crabgrass, an open source social networking site, and GeoServer, an open source server application for storing geographic data.

StudiDroid- A robust featured application that contains useful study and education materials for people to use.

ZTest- Open Source testing and training software with advanced mathematical analysis and the latest in visual feedback.

Vidalia Plugin System- The development of a plugin system for Vidalia will expand the developer base of Vidalia allowing developors easy use of the Tor network for sensitive applications.


Spring '09

App Stat - When you think of creating visual data from raw data, you think Microsoft Excel, but there isn't a good set of tools that take unorganized data, and can quickly and automatically organize it and create a visual representation. App Stat is that application.

Buy Local - Buy Local, under Professor Ron Eglash, will allow local shops (non chain stores) to list their products and stores on a publicly visible website. Items may be purchased online using Paypal.Buyers can search for items and sort by distance.

C.A.T.A.L.O.G. - Computationally Assisted Tracking And Logging Organizational Guide, is an Online Public Access Catalog. More simply put, it is a web and desktop application use to track and log media, especially books, across a given entity, such as a library.

Cellphone Accessibility - An Andriod application to help people navigate inside buildings by mapping them and providing turn by turn directions.

CSDT Community - The Culturally Situated Design Tools (CSDT) Community Site is a place for students to showcase their work using various web tools.

Ease - A slideshow application which works to resolve the portability issues of present program options.

Firmant Secure Blog Software by Rob escriva.

Formula Hybrid - Microcontroller - Creation of software for the microcontrollers on a hybrid car. Their goal is simple: To complete the controller software that the car will run on before the race, at the end of May.

LectureNotes - An application and XML vocabulary designed to allow students to efficiently take notes electronically during lectures.

MosChip 7703 USB-Serial Linux Driver - Linux USB-serial driver for the MosChip 7703 (mcs7703) device.

Non-Profit Exchange - A website that will act as a social and resource network for non-profit organizations(NPOs). Users will be able to donate items to NPOs by uploading information about the item they'd like to get rid of. NPOs will also be able to create an online presence with this site.

Open Source Binary Static Analysis - An open-source binary static analysis project. The projects will build a whole suite of APIs and tools for reverse engineering work.

P2PU - An online community of open study groups for short university-level courses.

ROCS - An extension of the currently existing RPI Scheduler software. The goal of this project is to include several new features into the program, such as automatic scraping of course data from RPI's Banner system, improvements to the search functionality, making saved schedules editable, etc.

RPI Android - A team of three, Amit Kumar, Priti Kumar, and Michael Weissman, are going to be developing application Vault for Android.

RPI Events Buddy - The main purpose of this program will be to alert users of the different events going on around campus.

RPI Planner - RPI Planner allows students at RPI to design custom plans of study that incorporate multiple degrees, study abroad, and cooperative education while staying within graduation requirements. It works as a complement to RPI Scheduler, scheduling classes between semesters while RPI Scheduler schedules classes within semesters.

RPInventory - The goal of the project is to provide an inventory management system for RPI club officers. Clubs with many items to keep track of are the target users.

StudiDroid - StudiDroid is initially meant to contain the ability to use flashcards to facilitate learning for students of all ages.

TextbookGuru - TextbookGuru is an open source web platform that will allow students to easily buy and sell books to and from other students at their school.

Wisp Framework - WISP stands for Web development with Integrated Scripts and PHP. The project is aimed at providing an entire library of objects and functions that you can use in your application without changing the way you write your programs.


Fall '08

Cellphone Sonar/Accessibility - Development will first focus on basic distance calculations using sonar. Vibrations and sounds will alert the user to the presence of objects in the cell phone's field of hearing, providing enough feedback to assist in navigation.

Data Mining Wikipedia 'Wikiminer'- The goal of wikiminer is to create a specialized search engine for Wikipedia that is superior to a generic one such as Google's.

Non-Profit Exchange - Its a resource network in the sense that users are able to upload items for donation and NPOs are able to search through our databases for items they may want.

Offcampus Housing - The goal of the project is to develop an open source solution for off-campus housing while at the same time, acting as a test bed for the WISP PHP framework.

RPI Android - Our ultimate goal is to make a "smart" program to handle 'to-do' lists.

RPI Map on Semantic Wiki- Online Map system for RPI campus using Google Map and Semantic wiki technologies.

RPI Planner - A functional piece of software freely available online that allows students to manually enter courses and create their plan of study.

Seed - GObject JavaScriptCore bridge- Seed is built around the idea of "minimal-platform", in that it seems a theoretically ideal GNOME development language provides no platform of its own, but instead seamlessly integrates with the already quite large GNOME platform.


Summer '08

AllForLocal Wiki and Project Page- AllForLocal is developing an open source, web based inventory and point of sale software for the use of small retail businesses.

AOL OSCAR Protocol- This project will investigate the security implications of the AOL Instant Messenger OSCAR protocol implemented by many AOL Instant Messenger clients on a variety of platforms. The goal is to develop software that will take advantage of certain security flaws in the OSCAR protocol, proving it insecure and investigate open source alternatives to OSCAR.

Chris Stuetzle Project Description and Wiki Page - An advisor along with several other students, undertook the task of improving a previously existing social stratification visualization tool, as well as designing and implementing our own. These tools can be found HERE under "Visualization of Social Stratification".

CSDT Community - Students interact with the web applications, learn the mathematical principles behind the cultural artifacts and develop artwork . These CSDT's exist and have been a rousing success with teachers across the world (http://www.csdt.rpi.edu).

Develop for OLPC - Develop is an IDE designed to allow children to write their own software that will integrate with the Sugar/XO operating system and user interface in Python.

Educational Software Development Program - This project seeks to develop educational games for the OLPC. We hope to develop games that are both engaging and educational. By adapting common gaming themes into a platform for learning, we seek to develop students skills in reading, writing, English/Spanish vocabulary, and possibly math.

Flagstaff Wiki Page - Flagstaff addresses these problems by packaging together a set of robust tools that are easy for any human being to deploy, use, and understand. Presentation is key to producing a product that is both easy to leverage and learn from.

Joe's Wiki and Project Page - An improvement upon existing mapping applications or to create a new application to do some of the things that existing applications can't.

l10n_server - Currently working on export functionality and meta-data importing. There is a sample installation available on (http://dev.johndbritton.com)

Logan's Page

Mapping Project for the community - I would like to research in the mapping project along with the transportation facilities in today's network by either working with Google maps or MapQuest to unite with Wikipedia who will to provide the most current information available in the web.

OLPC - Geography/Graphing - Currently, we are designing a simple application that will allow a user to enter a function, which will then be graphed. This application will then be ported ("Sugarized") to the OLPC.

OLPC: "Post to Blog" - Our goal is that children with OLPC laptops will begin their own blogs and find this built in function so easy to use that they will create and maintain their own blogs as a way to have their voices heard and hopefully create a vibrant community of voices.

High-School Students: "learn-physics" - The goal of this project is to make learning physics more fun for high school students and beyond, by developing simulations and demos to go along with a typical Mechanics curriculum. Each simulation will focus on a specific physics concept, with the intent of making this concept clear and understandable to the user. Simulations will be supplemented with text explanations, and each simulation will be part of a coherent progression of physical concepts.

Rafael A. Martinez Project, Wiki, & Blog - My project will be to design a website that acts as a resource-sharing and social network for non-governmental organizations(NGOs).

Safer Neighborhoods - The Safer Neighborhoods project will involve the development of a mapping application that places video data at geographically relevant positions on a map


Spring '08

Math activity for children - The math activity will be designed to teach XO users about fundamental mathematical principles through a game. The game will be extensible, engaging, and challenge the user to learn new mathematical principles and complete more complicated mathematical principles.


Fall '07

Wordmix game for OLPC BLog - Undergraduate Research Project conduced at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute on the XO Laptop.

Wordmix code - A Boggle clone for the XO Laptop that can easily be changed for different languages.