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Christoph Schwarzweller

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Language Independent Container Specification
Alexandre Zamulin

The purpose of this talk is to propose an iterator and container specification mechanism which makes the specification independent of a particular Programming Language and makes the specification formal. The following options have been considered:

The chosen technique, called Object-Oriented Gurevich Machine, combines advantages of both approaches mentioned above. It permits conventionally specifying a needed set of data types and specifying by transition rules a needed set of object types. An object is an entity possessing a unique identifier and a state. It is characterized by a number of attributes defining its state and a number of methods for observing (observers) and changing (mutators) the state. An object type defines a set of states of a particular object.

An iterator is represented as an object of the corresponding iterator type with an address as the object's identifier. Iterator types are combined in iterator categories each having a definite set of iterator operation. A container is represented as an object of the corresponding container type possessing a number of attributes, observers, and mutators. Observers are specified in terms of attribute values. Mutators are specified in terms of transition rules updating attribute values.


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