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David Abrahams

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David Musser

Issues of the Standard STL
Nicolai Josuttis

The upcoming C++ standard contains the generic template library STL as a library component. However, the library and the standard STL are neither complete nor perfect. So, for the ordinary user there are a lot of practical issues to get the most benefit from using the STL.

Among other things we have the remaining problems of unnecessary inconsistencies, missing minor components (such as some function adapters), not handling const correctness in the best way, and inconveniences in the interface. In addition, we need more and better environments to help the programmer to avoid making mistakes. I simply would like to emphasize the aspect that it is always very important to provide techniques and components that are as intuitive and convenient as possible. And I try to put the focus on the point that it is very important not to forget the details that help great ideas, concepts, and innovations to become an easy-to-use reality.


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