Plotting Hints

The plot was produced with Gnuplot commands

set xlabel 'Sequence Size (Thousands)' set ylabel 'Computing Time (Seconds)' set xrange [1:1100] set logscale x set logscale y set data style linespoints set key 100, 9 plot 'results' using 1:2 title "Introsort", 'results' using 1:3 title "Quicksort", 'results' using 1:4 title "Heapsort" where results is the file with the data (but no headings) written by the program.

For displaying plots on web pages, insert before the plot command these commands to direct Gnuplot to output the plot to a file in PPM (portable pix map) form:

set term pbm small color set output 'plot1.ppm Then use the ppmtogif image conversion utility to convert the file to GIF format: /usr/local/ppmtogif plot1.ppm >plot1.gif