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Errata (in Third and Fourth Printings)

D.R. Musser and Atul Saini,
STL Tutorial and Reference Guide: C++ Programming with the Standard Template Library,
Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA, 1996.

These errata were corrected between the fourth and fifth printings. To determine which printing you have, see the last line of the copyright page (back of title page).

p. 52, Section 4.2, line 5: "it not" should be "it is not"

p. 54, line 1: insert class ForwardIterator, before class T.

p. 95, footnote 5, line -2: Insert opening double-quote mark before "x R' y if and only if x R y or x = y"

p. 148, line 5: change Compare to BinaryPredicate.

p. 154, line 1: change "default template arguments" to "template member functions".

p. 185, footnote: add () after less_equal<int> (2 occurrences)

p. 224, line : "using word_pairs" should be "using word_pairs.value_comp()"

p. 258, last line : should be "Returns y + n."

p. 279: in the description of pop_back, "Undefined is" should be "Undefined if"

p. 283: in the descriptions of the members at the top of the page, change "vector" to "deque" (3 occurrences)

p. 289, line -3: change "vector" to "list"

p. 290, line 5: change "vector" to "list"

p. 296, line -3: add const at the end of the line.

p. 297, line 1: add const at the end of the line.

p. 320, Section 19.12.2, first line: should be: template <class Container, class Compare>

p. 320, Section 19.12.3, line 5: after "supports" insert "random access iterators and"

p. 337, in second prototype for unique change class Forwarditerator to class ForwardIterator; in first prototype for unique_copy change class inputIterator to class InputIterator

p. 337, in second prototype for unique_copy change class ForwardIterator to class InputIterator, class OutputIterator

Thanks to the following persons (in addition to those already mentioned in the Preface) for bringing to our attention errors and suggestions for improvement: Todd Fox, Jan Hettich, Jamie Jason, Ruth Kurniawati, Yotam Medini, Max Moroz, Amos Shapira, Jorge Vallejos, John Yates, Alexandre Zamulin.

There are additional errata.