STL Tutorial and Reference Guide, Second Edition: Errata

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This page lists errata for STL Tutorial and Reference Guide, Second Edition: C++ Template Programming with the Standard Template Library by David R. Musser, Gillmer J. Derge, and Atul Saini (Addison-Wesley, 2001). For each item we list the location in the book, the date the item was reported, and who reported it. Items that affect the technical content significantly have their location displayed in red. Other items are essentially aesthetic issues.

If you notice errors in the book that are not listed here please notify us via email to either <> or <>.

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The following acknowledgements will be added to the Preface in future printings:

We are greatly indebted to the following people who brought to our attention errors in the first printing: Arthur Ault, Robert Allan Schwartz.
Chapter 5: Generic Algorithms
Chapter 12: Program for Searching a Dictionary
Chapter 16: Defining an Iterator Class
Chapter 17: Combining STL with Object-Oriented Programming
Chapter 21: Container Reference Guide
Chapter 22: Generic Algorithm Reference Guide

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