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New STL Tutorial Web Site Created
AP Wire Service1
This Web site has been created primarily to provide source code and other information related the book STL Tutorial and Reference Guide, Second Edition. The new edition, which has just been published in the Addison Wesley Professional Computing Series, brings the material in the first edition up to date with the C++ standard and also includes a new, extended Foreword by Alex Stepanov and five new chapters and appendices with additional tutorial and reference material. The links in the right-hand column of the "front page" of this Web site provide the main resources related to the book. Links to legacy information about the first edition of the book also appear there.
  Any updates to this information will be announced in the left-hand column of the front page, and these "news articles" will also be archived (see the link at the bottom of the right-hand column). Check back for forthcoming news articles about issues in compiling the example programs and other code with various different compilers.

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