Scientific Links

Bioinformatics Research at Yener Lab

University of Rochester Image Processing Laboratory


USC Image DataBase: View/download some of the old but famous pictures that have been extensively used image processing research

Linear Algebra Reference: If you are gone mad with matrices, check this out

Munsell Color Science Laboratory: Good reference for color science

Peripheral Systems Laboratory: Good reference for hardcopy printing technologies

CIE Lab Color Space: Check what CIE Lab color space is about

Latex: I am a big MS Word fanatic, but it can't beat Latex. Just follow the instructions for installations

Latex Manual: Check this to learn how to use Latex manual

Trigonometric identities: I was bored searching Google every time for these


Journals that I follow: (online subscription required)

IEEE Journals:

  • Transactions on Image Processing

  • Transactions on Signal Processing

  • Signal Processing Letters

  • Transactions of Information Forensics and Security


Col. Res. Appl.:



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U of R Webcams

Rochester Photo Tour


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