LOGML (Log Markup Language)

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Log Markup Language (LOGML) is an XML 1.0 application designed to describe log reports of web servers. Being a structured data format, (XML Application), LOGML facilitates web-data mining. Web-data mining is currently an area of interest to many corporations and institutions.

The information stored in web sever logfiles is useful in studying customer choices and for organizing web pages on a site. Web server logfiles store information on which pages are being accessed, in what order, at what time, and by who. Organizing this extensive information is currently quite difficult. LOGML provides a simple structured data format for log file information.

In addition to containing information on web page and hyperlink hits, LOGML contains client sites, types of browsers, usage time statistics, individual user traversals, and summary information on several other topics. LOGML works with the XGMML applicaton to represent the structure of a website as a graph of nodes and edges.

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