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The W3Pal system is designed for the analysis and synthesis of web pages.

W3Pal is a suite of Web Applications for researchers, web masters, and anyone interested in web site analysis. W3Pal offers a variety of programs for:

W3Pal makes it possible to view an entire web site, at a glance, as a graph which maps out every page, object, and hyperlink. The system quickly reveals broken links, orphan pages, poorly structured sections of the site, and many other aspects that are important to web developers and managers.

The system is also extremely interactive and objects on the map can be clicked and opened in a web browser. Apache log file information can be added to web site graphs allowing web page and hyperlink hits to be viewed. In addition, individual user sessions can be viewed and mapped so users' actions on a web site can be analyzed. The system also has functions that allow the most traversed part of a web site to be viewed individually.

W3Pal is an open source software project hosted by the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Computer Science Department.

W3Pal is compiled on Solaris 8 and Linux, kernel 2.2. The W3Pal system reads and stores data in the portable XML language formats XGMML and LOGML.

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