What was new in 1994?

Dec 29, 1994.
I proudly announce the -successful- merge of Oguz Gulseren's list of poems with the poetry pages. In addition poems from some other sources have also been incorporated. If you're wondering: as of today there is more than 750 poems in the pages excluding the ones in English. This concludes this year, happy new year to all.
Dec 27, 1994.
Visit the Ahmet Hasim homepage, everything is in postscript format. More is coming on this page.
Dec 22, 1994.
Thanks to Emre Kose, all the poems of Yunus Emre has been put into postscript format and they are ready for you to read them. If you're interested in helping me on this, please write me an email.
Dec 20, 1994.
Sibel's poetry corner has been opened. This page is mostly for myself, I just wanted to enter the poems I happened to like. I finally decided to collect them under this page. Enter at your own risk.
Dec 16, 1994.
Visit the new Orhan Veli page, it has new English translations, bibliography and other stuff added.
Dec 16, 1994.
Visit the new Tevfik Fikret page, it is still all in Turkish. Big thanks to Haldun Haznedar for creating this page and his careful work in writing the poems with explanations of archaic words, and his bibliography of Fikret.
Dec 12, 1994.
I've added translations of some of Nazim Hikmet's poems. These translations are by Randy Blasing and Mutlu Konuk, and they're from a book published in 1993 in Persea Books. The translations are highly appraised.
Dec 9, 1994.
I have started to put some postscript versions of the correctly spelled poems. The first couple are in the Nazim Hikmet directory . you will see the icon next to these poems. Click on the icon and you'll get the poem as you always wanted to see it.
Dec 6, 1994.
Turkish poetry pages have been rearranged. I have launched my new project; new and combined (english and turkish) poet homepages. Please visit Nazim Hikmet's homepage. I will concentrate myself on his page for a while and add more and more information as it becomes available. Your help is needed here even more than before.

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