Poetry pages is not the work of a single person; as it turns out it is the proof of the love of poetry of a nation. This site came to existence in 1994. Since then many people helped me in this project either by typing in poems, correcting the errors in the pages, sending collections of poems they gathered over the years, mailing material and books to me for reference, or by just sending in a good word of support. This includes the many friends out there who continue to follow the pages religiously. I want to thank everybody for helping me discover the home miles away from home. I still feel I have to name some of my allies, just to show how poetry can really bring us all together.

First of all, I would like to thank Arzu who typed and posted poems to the "soc.culture.turkish" newsgroups anonymously in the early 1990s and to Selcuk Kasim Candan who provided me with a first collection of poems from these postings. Their seed has proven fertile and grown over the years to the poetry site you are visiting right now.

I am grateful to Mustafa Ziyalan for always being there from the very beginning as my secret editor. He still continues to help me correct the many mistakes I make and make this a more reliable site for poetry. Thank you for your support and education.

Big thanks to all those people who have contributed poems; the list stands as a monument on its own! Thanks for your effort and beautiful work dear Oguz Gulseren, Ergun Canoglu, Kutluhan Erol, Emre Kose, Guven Guzeldere, Alper Romano, Huseyin Uzunalioglu, Ali Tuglu, Varol Akman, Caner Cangul, Serdar Boztas, Cetin Savkli, Volkan C. Kubali, Suat Genc, Omer Faruk Onal, Gun Ayhan Utkan, Gunay Izci,Benan Basoglu, Kursat Ince, Gunay Izci, Ibrahim Menguc Tanriseven, Tahir Kutbî Olcer, Umut Utkan, Murat Cakan, Aykutlu Dane, Adnan Aydemir, Sengul Vurgun, Erdal Ozyurt, Ali Acu, Aydin Polat, Gokhan Sayram, Silvano Forte, Raci Ulusoy, Can Adal, Huseyin Gursu, Ozgur Onder, Ates Temeltas, Atabey Kaygun, Kaan Ozbayrak, Ayfer Karakaya Stump, Handan Oz, Mehmet Ozturk, Roni Margulies, Thomas McElwain, Ahmet Incesu, Murat Cokol, Ali Sahinbas, Ilknur Kirmizidag, Ibrahim Ethem Guloglu, Ercan Uysal, Michel Jarleton, Ozgur Tataroglu, Sanli Ergun, Ozgur Sarioglu,Ergun Evren, Odul Evren, Cem Gunes, Oguz Altay, Erdinc Mutlu, Gulten Ozer, Aydin Tiryaki, Fatma Mindikoglu, Sadik Ari, Nuh Gonultas, Mete Ozel, Cem Kursun, Emre Sururi Tasci, Kenan Furat, Zahir Antia, Bedriye Oncu, Serap Emre Monkul, Ayca Efe, Cagatay Topal, Kayhan Ozalp, Hakan Rona, Tarik Tihan, Ozcan Seker, Ilham and Nevit Dilmen, Opera, Ilker Cetin, Adem Yavuz Dede, Akgun Akova, Walter Andrews, Ozkan Mert, Olgun Arun, Turan Kilic, Nazim Demirtas, Guney Gonenc, Metin Cengiz, Hakan Tercan, Melih Gunes, Nur Peri. Have I forgotten your name? Please remind me again.

A very special thanks to dear friends Asli Rustemli and Tulay Adali for providing endless support and resources. Believe it or not, I really do not speak six languages! Thanks to my foreign correspondents go for their language assistance and of course their amazing patience with me: Manuel Martínez Morales, Alessandra Raffaetá, Claire Pollet, Axel Herbst and Cem Günes. Thanks a million to Emre Kose for his tireless work on the ``Halk Ozanlari'' page.

Special thanks goes also to people who visited these pages and reported numerous mistakes. Thanks to Ender Ayanoglu, Haldun Haznedar, Huseyin Uzunalioglu, Alp Altunel, Ismail Etem Tezcan, Tolga Bozkaya, Cetin Kilic, Eray Erim, Umut Ersoy, Benan Basoglu, Mustafa Kemal Sonmez, Huseyin Gursu, Turgut Bulent Akar, Umut Sezen, Tulay Adali, Ibrahim Ibis, Yalcin Ergul, Guney Gonenc, Ebru Kanar, Evrim Icoz, Aydin Tiryaki, Mitchell Jinavamsa, Yavuz Gunalay, Muhammet Tonguc, Kenan Furat, Ozgur Onder, Recai Donmez, Ozkan Boyraz, Adnan Cevik, Ahmet Incesu, Mustafa Dagtekin, Hakan Aydin, Kursat Inan, Murat Cakan, Baran Yuksel.

Thanks to helping hands who are responsible for putting the poems in a "Turkish looking" format. Thanks to Arif Bilge Yorgan, Zehra Cataltepe, Tuncay Kaplan, Adnan Aydemir, Tuncay Kaplan, Mahmut Ceylan, Sevil Oner, Tuncay Cankaya, Gokhan Sayram, Mahmut Ceylan, Tuncay Kaplan, Ismet Mazlumoglu, and especiallly to Turgut Bastug.

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