Advanced Examples and Programs

These pages contain sample programs that can be down-loaded and run. They have been tested on the IBM RS/6000 using the IBM xlf90 Fortran 90 compiler (version 4.1), the HP 9000 using the HP Fortran 90 compiler (version 1.00), the Cray C90 using the Cray CF90 compiler (version, the DEC station 250 using the DEC f90 compiler (version V5.1-594), the Fujitsu compiler (version 2.0.3*patch*), the SUN Sparc 20 using the SUN f90 compiler (version 1.0.1), the SGI compiler (version 7.2), the Absoft compiler (version 1.0), the NAG compiler (version 2.2(260)), and the Lahey compiler (version 3.5e), These programs are provided AS IS for educational purposes only.

Advanced Topics

This example of a simple database application illustrates the full power of object-oriented programming including dynamic dispatching. It is a simplified version of a benchmark code originally developed by R. Henderson and B. Zorn for evaluating object-oriented languages. A detailed discussion of this example appears in: This section contains advanced examples from the Lippman text:

This section contains advanced examples from the Graham text:

This example emulates inheritance and run-time polymorphism:

Additional examples may be forthcoming.