CL-ACE — Lisp bindings for Attempto Tools


CL-ACE is a set of Lisp bindings for some of the Attempto Tools. CL-ACE currently provides bindings for the webservice version of APE (ACE Parser) and RACE (ACE Reasoner). CL-ACE uses DRAKMA as an HTTP client, and Closure XML for XML processing. CL-ACE supports parsing the results of the webservices into Lisp objects, but also provides and interface for retrieving unprocessed webservice output. Of particular note is that CL-ACE implements CLOS classes corresponding to the discourse representation structures described in the ACE 6.5 DRS Report.


CL-ACE has documentation (generated by CLDOC). Good starting points for using APE are ape-webservice:ape and ape-webservice:invoke-ape-webservice. For using RACE, see race-webservice:race and race-webservice:invoke-race-webservice. Other important documents to read are the APE Webservice Specification, the documentation for the Race Web Service, and other various Attempto Documents.


Current Release Version

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CL-ACE is distributed as an ASDF system. The current version is 6.5 (following the ACE version numbers). Full expression handling is not yet implemented, due to lack of string quoting. When string parsing is established, full expression support will be added.

Current Development Version

CL-ACE is kept under a Subversion repository to which there is anonymous read-only access. The source may be browsed online (and contains the most recent documentation), or checked out by svn co

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Last updated 12 June 2009