Academic integrity
Students are encouraged to discuss assignments, but must write up the solutions they submit independently. Students are responsible for protecting their work from being copied. If multiple students turn in identical solutions, this is cheating, and all students involved will be held accountable. The minimum penalty for any violation is a grade of 0 on that assignment. In addition, the student may be subject to other penalties outlined in The Rensselaer Handbook of Student Rights and Responsibilities.

Students with special needs
Federal law requires all colleges and universities to provide specified types of assistance to students with disabilities. If you have need of special assistance, please obtain an authorizing memo from Disability Services for Students by contacting the Dean of Students in the Dean of Students Office (x6266). Information about a student's special needs will be treated as confidential. You must submit a copy of your authorizing memo to your professor well in advance of any affected exam or assignment. Failure to do so may result in a lack of special accommodations.

Make-up exams and assignments
Make-up exams and assignments will only be given if the student requesting it submits an official excused absence form from the Student Experience office.

Late assignments
Assignments can be handed in late up to 50 hours after the deadline. Late assignments are scored out of a reduced total that is 2% less for every hour late. The number of hours late is computed based on the time stamp of the email of your submission to For example, if your homework is 2 hours and 47 minutes late, it will be considered 2 hours late, so it will be graded out of 96 points rather than 100.