CPSC 452: Project #1: Robot Arm

DUE: Friday, Feb. 28

Each group will design and build a robot arm, using legos, 2 servo motors (NOTE THE CHANGE HERE FROM 3 SERVOS TO 2 SERVOS), and 1 touch sensor located at the end effector. The robot must be able to move to the proper Cartesian point (and calculate the point), given the 3 joint variables (i.e., the forward kinematics problem). And, given the Cartesian point, the robot must be able to calculate the joint variables and move to the proper position (i.e., the inverse kinematics problem). The orientation can be represented using XYZ Fixed Angles or ZYX Euler Angles (i.e., equation 2.66 in Craig).

OPTIONAL (Extra Credit): When the touch sensor is touched, the joint variables and Cartesian position and orientation are displayed.


1. A written report, with a diagram of the robot design and the derivation of the forward and inverse kinematic equations

2. A live demo, to be given in-class, demonstrating the robot in action for 2 example cases of both the forward and inverse kinematics problems. (5-10 minutes)