CPSC 452: Project #4: Multi-sensor mobile robot

DUE: Friday, April 25

Demos and reports will be presented in class on Friday, April 25 and Tuesday, April 29

Each team will design and build a mobile robot which uses at least 2 different types of sensors to perform some intelligent-like function or functions. The design of the robot, the choice of sensors, and the architecture used to combine sensory information and/or behaviors can be decided by each individual team. Creativity is encouraged. Each team will present an oral report to the class (10-15 minutes) and demonstrate their robot in a live demo. A written report is also required. The following items should be addressed in both the written and oral reports:

1. The design of the robot base, including control of the actuators

2. The sensors used and the desired information gained from the sensors

3. The environment in which the robot operates. Include any limitations.

4. The desired function/s of the robot, especially how it should act with respect to its environment

5. The architecture used to combine sensory information or behaviors

6. Lessons learned by doing the project (e.g., which strategies worked, which didn't work very well, and what would you do differently next time)