Monte Carlo Sampling

Look at the data file T10.txt. It contains one line per transaction, and each transaction is a list of items that appear in it. You are to use monte carlo sampling to find the relative support of the item set \(X = \{39, 704, 825\}\), as follows:

  • Write a program to construct the sampling distribution of the relative support of \(X\). Your program should draw 100 random samples of size 10,000 and compute the support of \(X\) in each sample. Plot the sampling distribution of relative support of \(X\).
  • Based on the sampling distribution your program should compute the lower and upper bound for the support of \(X\) at the 95% confidence level.
  • Your program should find the mean and standard deviation of the possible relative support values of \(X\) in the samples, and compare the mean with the actual relative support of \(X\) in the database.
  • Either accept or reject the hypothesis that the true relative support of \(X\) is 0.0106 at the 95% confidence level.