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Code Available

Data Mining Template Library

For VOGUE code and datasets: VOGUE

For TriCluster code: TriCluster.tgz

For CLICKS code: CLICKS.tar.gz

For CHARM-L and Non-Redundant Rules (DMKD04/TKDE05 paper) code: RULES.tgz

For CHARM (with diffsets) code: CHARM.tar.gz

For ECLAT (with diffsets) code: ECLAT.tar.gz

For GENMAX code: GENMAX.tar.gz

For SPADE code: SPADE.tgz

For cSPADE code (constrained seq mining): cSPADE.tgz

For TreeMiner code: TreeMiner.tar.gz

For TreeMinerD code (as in the TKDE05 paper): TreeMinerD.tar.gz

For SLEUTH code: SLEUTH.tar.gz

For XRULE code: XRULE.tgz

For Utilities like getconf, exttpose: TPOSE.tgz

The dataset program and real DB are also available:
IBM Datagen program: IBM-datagen.tgz
Tree Generator: TreeGen.tgz
Real Datasets: DENSE_DB.tar.gz
CSLOGS data: CSLOGS.tar.gz
Xrules Log Data: LOGML data Number of Visitors