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CompbioCourse: GradesAssign1

i/eZGPqh85-5 Do not print in cols of 70-10 use complementary strand for cyoB
Ve6gZQR495-5 no output file 
Nih5/Bp890-5 did not print in required format-5 protein sequence is shifted/incorrectly extracted
TpVR24x590-10 wrong global score for Protein (using wrong scoring matrix) 
bawkvTOA80-20 wrong alignment and scoresfaulty init that does not take gap penalty into account? Also possible boundary error (last row/col)
wEaNxY7d80-20 for late submission 
SK+VV8T185-10 not using complementary strand for cyoB-5 no ouput
NBeTerf495-5 no output 
1/GSUNGm80-10 for not using complementary DNA sequence for cyoB-10 wrong init; should use gap penalty, not mismatch score
bH/2wBg260-40 (incomplete assignment) 
JDJQ4VV/65-10 (not using complementary for cyoB)-25 (incorrect alignments)
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