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DC3Ap3gB-5 wrong quadratic bias    
PI64N89Gno submission    
Gl+Qlucj-10 linear ( incorrect SVMS and accuracy), -15 quadratic (incorrect bias, accuracy, SVMS) -15 gaussian (incorrect bias, accuracy, SVMS)    
KrhtE6WD-5 wrong bias quadratic, -5 wrong SVMS format    
d3FQcfgBhard coded range (-10)    
wPswdqkDlinear (-5 bias, -5 accuracy), quadratic (-5 bias, -5 accuracy), gaussian (incorrect accuracy -5)    
EwFSU1/fno submission    
aGQtm663no submission    
TzL78bR2no submission    
jQtUKhNcquadratic (-10 wrong bias and accuracy),    
yiZSzRTtno submission    
JrewA2YB-15 late, linear (-15 incorrect bias/accuracy/svm), quadratic(-10 doesnt compile), gaussian (-10 doesnt compile)    
6I3Pzr5a-2 didnt print out SVM count    
ySv+2s9/linear (-10 incorrect bias and accuracy), quadratic (-10 incorrect bias and accuracy), gaussian (-15 incorrect bias/accuracy/SVM)    
ZfBmlrB8quadratic (-5 incorrect bias),    
8Y/sUAIvdoesnt compile TypeError: 'range' object does not support item assignment    
pJyw/l7Wlinear (-5 wrong SVMS), quadratic (-5 wrong bias)    
1hDxJ/2cquadratic (-5 wrong accuracy), gaussian (-5 wrong accuracy)    
87Ba55EWquadratic (-5 wrong bias)    
PYp/QKfwlinear (-5 wrong accuracy), quadratic (-15 wrong bias/accuracy/SVM), gaussian (-10 wrong accuracy/SVM)    
gCJxL0iTlinear (-10 wrong accuracy/SVM), quadratic (-15 wrong bias/accuracy/SVM), gaussian(-10 wrong accuracy/svm)    
Xv38GRN8linear (-15 wrong bias/accuracy/SVM), quadratic (-15 wrong bias/accuracy/SVM), gaussian (-15 wrong bias/accuracy/SVM)    
H9EIsDuFquadratic (-10 wrong bias/accuracy), gaussian(-5 wrong accuracy)    
cHwUMlZg-15 late, (-10 hardcoded range), gaussian (-10 wrong bias/accuracy)    
OEqPP103linear (-10 wrong bias/accuracy), quadratic (-10 wrong bias/accuracy)    
t5aE6SISlinear (-10 wrong bias/accuracy), quadratic(-15 wrong bias/accuracy/SVM), gaussian (dimension error -15)    
1Fg5OcaWlinear (-5 wrong SVM count), quadratic (-10 wrong accuracy/SVM count),    
bQ9+xbVOno submission    
fFdSeIBQno submission    
1vkbEcsQlinear (-10 wrong bias/accuracy), quadratic (-15 wrong bias/SVM/accuracy), gaussian (-20 doesnt run)    
ssx4F2xKcode doesnt compile, 'X not defined, line 158'    
VD9quYNv-15 late, linear(-10 wrong bias/SVM), quadratic(-10 wrong bias/SVM), gaussian (-5 wrong bias)    
T9TVcZPqlinear (-15 wrong bias/accuracy/SVM), quadratic (-10 wrong accuracy/bias), gaussian(-10 wrong accuracy, bias)    
jPRdR0DLquadratic (-5 wrong accuracy), gaussian (-5 wrong SVM)    
YYob1PAXlinear (-10 wrong accuracy/bias), quadratic (-10 wrong accuracy/bias), gaussian(-5 wrong bias)    
HHodJzeLquadratic (-5 wrong bias),    
qsVEtm2clinear (-10 wrong accuracy/bias), quadratic (-10 wrong accuracy/bias), gaussian(-5 wrong bias)    
khc5nJZNlinear (-10 wrong accuracy/bias), quadratic (-10 wrong accuracy/bias), gaussian(-5 wrong bias)    
P3T9Guoz-15 late, code taking forever to run, can't see any results    
FxaAcrCr-15 late, linear (-5 wrong bias), quadratic (-10 wrong bias/accuracy),    
w+YHCUXDquadratic (-5 wrong bias)    
Oxxv5u5Tquadratic (-5 wrong bias, -5 wrong weight)    
e2mBQV/Klinear (-5 wrong SVMS), quadratic (-5 wrong weight, -5 wrong SVM), gaussian (-5 wrong SVM count )    
3CT0927Hlinear (-15 wrong accuracy/bias/weight), quadratic(-15 same as linear),    
HNuiKAkQlinear (-20 wrong accuracy/bias/weight/SVM), quadratic (-20 same as linear),    
YHZaJV/clinear(-10 wrong bias/SVM count), quadratic(-20 wrong SMV/bias/weight/accuracy), gaussian doesn't run -20, -10 hardcoded filenames    
IsZMnOYLquadratic (-5 wrong bias), gaussian (-10 wrong accuracy/SVM count)    
cZN6pWprlinear (-20 wrong accuracy/bias/weight/SVM), quadartic(-15 wrong accuracy/bias/SVM), gaussian (-5 wrong accuracy)    
FK7ydB/rquadratic (-5 wrong bias),    
HKv4YQ1+-15 late, quadratic (-5 wrong bias),    
n2vc7a8C-5 wrong SVMs, quadratic (-15 wrong weight/bias/accuracy),    
4ZFpX8Th-10 hardcoded range, linear (-20 wrong accuracy/bias/weight/SVM), quadratic (-20 wrong accuracy/bias/weight/SVM)    
rHFiWevd-10 hardcoded files, quadratic (-5 wrong bias), gaussian (-5 wrong bias)    
O8o/9S3Fquadratic (-5 wrong bias),    
6pi4/Su/linear (-20 wrong accuracy/bias/weight/SVM), quadratic (-20 wrong accuracy/bias/weight/SVM), gaussian (-20 wrong accuracy/bias/weight/SVM)    
JTuBbMFegaussian (-5 wrong SVM)    
r4qHzxURno meaningful output -50    
E75s9A3Xlinear (-15 wrong bias/accuracy/weights), quadratic(-10 wrong bias/accuracy), gaussian (-5 wrong bias)    
fhZ/vCRlquadratic (-5 wrong bias),    
Yf1xlNGnlinear (-10 wrong SVM, bias), quadratic (-10 same as linear),    
sOVCjypJlinear (-10 wrong SVM/bias), quadratic (-10 wrong SVM/bias), gaussian (-10 wrong bias/accuracy)    
S2uBc4L7quadratic (-5 wrong bias),    
KrffrzPdlinear (-15 wrong bias/SVM/weight), quadratic(-15 wrong bias/accuracy/weight), gaussian(-10 wrong bias/accuracy)    
veamfJXplinear (-5 wrong weights), quadratic (-10 wrong bias/accuracy),    
KZaQr0otgaussian (-10 wrong bias/accuracy)    
1TC2fS2klinear (-15 wrong bias/accuracy/SVM), quadratic (-20 wrong bias/accuracy/SVM/weight)    
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Page last modified on November 09, 2017, at 08:48 PM