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CSCI-4390/6390: Data Mining, Fall 2018

Class Time: TF 10-11:50AM
Room: Darrin 337
Instructor Office Hours: Lally 307, Tue & Fri 12-1pm

TA: Chelsea Sun
TA Office Hours: Mon & Thurs 1-2pm, AE 118
TA Contact:



  • 20 Sep: Assign2 posted. Due 28th Sep. Before Midnight.
  • 9 Sep: Assign1 posted. Due 17th Sep. Before Midnight.
  • 28 Aug: Piazza course page set up for data mining. Please signup for Piazza if you are registered for this course.

Calendar & Lecture Notes

A tentative sequence of topics to be covered in the classes; changes are likely as the course progresses.

Day: Date Topic Readings Lectures
F: Aug 31 Data Mining and Analysis: Algebraic and Probabilistic Views Chapter 1 Attach:Lecture1.pdf
T: Sep 4 Numeric Attributes Chapter 2 Attach:Lecture2.pdf
F: Sep 7 Eigenvectors/Eigenvalues Chapter 7 Attach:Lecture3.pdf
T: Sep 11 Dimensionality Reduction Chapter 7 Attach:Lecture4.pdf
F: Sep 14 Linear Discriminant Analysis Chapter 20 Attach:Lecture5.pdf
T: Sep 18 High Dimensional Data Analysis Chapter 6 Attach:Lecture6.pdf
F: Sep 21 Kernel Methods Chapter 5 Attach:Lecture7.pdf
T: Sep 25 Kernel PCA/LDA; Linear Regression See Piazza Resources
F: Sep 28 Linear Regression II See Piazza Resources
T: Oct 2 Logistic Regression See Piazza Resources
F: Oct 5 EXAM I
T: Oct 9 NO CLASS (Mon Schedule)
F: Oct 12 Neural Networks See Piazza Resources
T: Oct 16 Recurrent Neural Networks See Piazza Resources
F: Oct 19 Deep Learning: LSTMs and CNNs See Piazza Resources
T: Oct 23 Regression Evaluation See Piazza Resources
F: Oct 26 Classification: SVMs Chapter 21
T: Oct 30 Classification: Naive Bayes Chapter 18
F: Nov 2 Classification: Decision Trees Chapter 19
T: Nov 6 EXAM II
F: Nov 9 Classification Evaluation Chapter 22
T: Nov 13 Kmeans/EM Clustering Chapter 13
F: Nov 16 Hierarchical Clustering, Density Clustering Chapters 14, 15
T: Nov 20 Density Clustering, Spectral & Graph Clustering Chapters 15,16
F: Nov 23 NO CLASS (Thanksgiving Break)
T: Nov 27 Spectral/Graph Clustering Chapter 16
F: Nov 30 Cluster Evaluation Chapter 17
T: Dec 4 Pattern Mining Chapter 8
F: Dec 7 Summary Patterns Chapter 9
T: Dec 11 EXAM III
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