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CSCI-2300: Introduction to Algorithms, Spring 2017

Instructor: Mohammed J. Zaki
Class Time: TF 10-11:50AM
Room: Sage 3303
Instructor Office Hours: TF 12-1PM, Lally 307


Lab/Recitation Sections:

  • Section 1: 10am Wed, Sage 3101, TA: Wei Liu, Mentors: Ramin Chowdhury, Zhilin Han, Samad Farooqui
  • Section 2: 2pm Wed, Sage 2715, TA: Evan Strohm, Mentors: Kexin Zhu, Euan McInally, Ramin Chowdhury
  • Section 3: 12pm Wed, Sage 5101, TA: Yuchen Liang, Mentors: Chendi Guan, Louis Hyde
  • Section 4: 4pm Wed, Sage 2715, TA: Wei Liu, Mentors: Louis Hyde, Kexin Zhu, Zhilin Han
  • Section 5: 12pm Wed, Sage 3101, TA: Evan Strohm, Mentors: Weiki Dai, Nathan Strelser
  • Section 6: 2pm Wed, Sage 5101, TA: Ziwei Dai, Mentors: Nathan Strelser, Alex Seo, Samad Farooqui
  • Section 7: 10am Wed, Sage 3713, TA: Yuchen Liang, Mentors: Euan McInally, Chendi Guan
  • Section 8: 4pm Wed, Sage 3713, TA: Ziwei Dai, Mentors: Alex Seo, Weiki Dai

Table of Contents (hide)



  • Apr 22: HW9 posted with due date Apr 27th before midnight.
  • Apr 12: HW8 posted with due date Apr 20th before midnight.
  • Apr 12: lab7 posted with due date Apr 18th during lab.
  • Mar 25: HW7 posted with due date Mar 30th before midnight.
  • Mar 22: lab6 posted with due date Mar 28th during lab.
  • Mar 18: HW6 posted with due date Mar 23rd before midnight.
  • Feb 28: HW5 posted with due date Mar 9th before midnight.
  • Feb 28: lab5 posted with due date Mar 7th during lab.
  • Feb 10: HW4 posted with due date Feb 16th before midnight.
  • Feb 7: lab4 posted with due date Feb 14th during lab.
  • Feb 5: HW3 posted with due date Feb 9nd before midnight.
  • Jan 31: lab3 posted with due date Feb 7th during lab.
  • Jan 28: HW2 posted with due date Feb 2nd before midnight.
  • Jan 24: lab2 posted with due date Jan 31th during lab.
  • Jan 20: HW1 posted with due date Jan 26th before midnight.
  • Jan 17: lab1 posted with due date Jan 24th during lab.
  • Jan 12: Course website is up, with the syllabus and tentative calendar. We will use the Piazza site for discussions and Q&A; an invitation to sign-up on Piazza will be sent later.


A tentative sequence of topics to be covered in the classes; changes are likely as the course progresses.

Day: Date Topic Assignments and Labs
T: Jan 16 Introduction: Chap 0, Attach:Lecture1.pdf
W: Jan 17 NO LAB, lab0 (optional)
F: Jan 19 Introduction: Chap 0, Attach:Lecture2.pdf
T: Jan 23 Algorithms with Numbers: Chap 1, Attach:Lecture3.pdf
W: Jan 24 lab1
F: Jan 26 Algorithms with Numbers: Chap 1, Attach:Lecture4.pdf HW1
T: Jan 30 Algorithm with Numbers: Chap 1, Attach:Lecture5.pdf
W: Jan 31 lab2
F: Feb 2 Algo with numbers: Chap 1, Attach:Lecture6.pdf HW2
T: Feb 6 Algo with numbers: Chap 1, Attach:Lecture7.pdf
W: Feb 7 lab3
F: Feb 9 Algo with numbers: Chap 1, Attach:Lecture8.pdf HW3
T: Feb 13 Divide & Conquer: Chap 2, Attach:Lecture9.pdf
W: Feb 14 lab4
F: Feb 16 Divide & Conquer: Chap 2 Attach:Lecture10.pdf HW4
T: Feb 20 NO CLASS (Monday Schedule)
W: Feb 21 Recitation/Office Hours
F: Feb 23 Exam I
T: Feb 27 Graph Algorithms: Chap 3, Attach:Lecture11.pdf
W: Feb 28 Recitation/Office Hours (Exam Sol)
T: Mar 6 Graph Algorithms, Chap 3, Attach:Lecture12.pdf
W: Mar 7 lab5
F: Mar 9 Graph Algorithms: Chap 4, Attach:Lecture13.pdf HW5
T/F: Mar 13 and 16 NO CLASS (Spring Break)
T: Mar 20 Graph Algorithms: Chap 4, Attach:Lecture14.pdf
W: Mar 21 Recitation/Office Hours
F: Mar 23 Greedy Algorithms: Chap 5, Attach:Lecture15.pdf HW6
T: Mar 27 Greedy Algorithms: Chap 5, Attach:Lecture16.pdf
W: Mar 28 lab6
F: Mar 30 Greedy Algorithm: Chap 5, Attach:Lecture17.pdf HW7
T: Apr 3 Dynamic Programming: Chap 6, Attach:Lecture18.pdf
W: Apr 4 No Lab (GM Week)
F: Apr 6 Exam II
T: Apr 10 Dynamic Programming: Chap 6, Attach:Lecture19.pdf
W: Apr 11 Recitation/Office Hours
F: Apr 13 Dynamic Programming: Chap 6, Attach:Lecture20.pdf
T: Apr 17 Network Flows: Sec 7.2/7.3, Attach:Lecture21.pdf
W: Apr 18 lab7
F: Apr 20 NP-Complete Problems: Chap 8, Attach:Lecture22.pdf HW8
T: Apr 24 NP-Complete Problems: Chap 8, Attach:Lecture23.pdf
W: Apr 25
F: Apr 27 NP-Complete Problems: Chap 8, Attach:Lecture24.pdf HW9
T: May 1 Coping with Intractability: Chap 9, Attach:Lecture25.pdf
W: May 2 Recitation/Office Hours
May 8 (Tue) Final Exam 3-6pm (Room: DCC308)
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