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Current PhD Students

Past PhD Students

Nilothpal Talukder

Graduation date: March 2016
Thesis title: Parallel Subgraph Mining on Hybrid Platforms: HPC Systems, Multi-cores and GPUs (PDF)
Employment: IBM.

Pranay Anchuri

Graduation date: August 2015
Thesis title: Mining Approximate Frequent Patterns from Graph Databases (PDF)
Employment: NEC Research Labs.

Geng Li

Graduation date: July 2013
Thesis title: Mining Local and Global Patterns for Complex Data Classification (PDF)
Employment: Oracle, Inc.

Hilmi Yildrim

Graduation date: August 2011
Thesis title: Scalable Reachability Indexing for Very Large Graphs (PDF)
Employment: Google, Inc.

Vineet Chaoji

Graduation date: August 2009
Thesis title: Efficient Algorithms for Mining Arbitrary Shaped Clusters (PDF)
Employment: Yahoo! Research Labs, Bangalore, India

Mohammad Al Hasan

Graduation date: August 2009
Thesis title: Mining Interesting Subgraphs by Output Space Sampling (PDF)
Employment: Assistant Professor, Department of Computer & Information Science, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

Saeed Salem

Graduation date: August 2009
Thesis title: Non-Sequential and Flexible Protein Structure Alignment (PDF)
Employment: Assistant Professor, Computer Science Department, North Dakota State University

Benjarath Phoophakdee

Graduation date: August 2007
Thesis title: Trellis: Genome-scale Disk-based Suffix Tree Indexing Algorithm (PDF)
Employment: Chulabhorn Research Institute, Thailand

Feng Gao

Graduation date: December 2006
Thesis title: Indexing Methods for Protein Tertiary and Predicted Structures (PDF)
Employment: Microsoft

Zujun Shentu

Graduation date: October 2006
Thesis title: Context Shapes: A Novel Approach for Partial Complementary Shape Matching Proteins (PDF)
Employment: Oracle

Lizhuang Zhao

Graduation date: September 2006
Thesis title: Mining Subspace and Boolean Patterns from Data (PDF)
Employment: Amazon

Yongqiang Zhang

Graduation date: August 2006
Thesis title: Structured Motifs in Biological Sequences: Search and Extraction (PDF)
Employment: Oracle

Bouchra Bouqata

Graduation date: August 2006
Thesis title: VOGUE: A Novel Variable Order-Gap State Machine For Modeling Sequences (PDF)
Co-Advisors: Christopher Carothers, Boleslaw Szymanski, Mohammed J. Zaki
Employment: GE Center for Research and Development

Karlton Sequeira

Graduation date: August 2005
Thesis title: Exploring similarities in high-dimensional datasets (PDF)
Employment: Amazon

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