CSCI.4962 Internet Computing -- Fall 2001

Instructor:  Carlos Varela
Office:  109 Amos Eaton, x6912
Office Hours:  Tu-Fr, 2-3pm; or by appointment
Meeting Place:  Rickets Building, Room 211
Meeting Hours:  Tu-Fr, 12-2pm
TA:  Advait Sane
Office Hours:  Tu, 3-5pm; or by appointment
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Papers Selected and Final dates for paper presentation.
Programming Assignment 3 is now available.

Course Contents

  1. Models of Concurrent and Distributed Computations
  2. Programming Languages and Frameworks
  3. Research Topics

Tentative Course Syllabus

Topics in red color are not going to be covered in this version of the class.
Date Topic Grade
08/28 Introduction to Internet Computing Part I -- Models/Theory.
08/31 Pi-Calculus - Introduction
09/04 Pi-Calculus - Operational Semantics
09/07 Pi-Calculus - Bisimilarity and Congruence
09/11 Actors - Introduction
09/14 Actors - Operational Semantics
09/18 Actors - Expression Equivalence
09/21 Mobile Ambients
09/25 Join Calculus
09/28 Partial Exam 20%
10/02 Introduction to Internet Computing Part II -- Programming Languages and Frameworks
10/05 Java RMI, Sockets, URL, Serialization
10/12 Java Concurrency -- Programming Project 1 Due 10/15 10%
10/16 Objective CAML  Java Reflection and Security
10/19 JOCAML  CSP in Java
10/23 Nomadic PICT -- Programming Project 2 Due 10/29 10%
10/26 Actor Foundry
10/30 SALSA
11/02 WWC -- Programming Project 3 Due 11/08 10%
11/06 Introduction to Internet Computing Part III -- Research Topics  --  Selected Paper Critiques and Presentations by Students 20%
11/09 Coordination
11/16 Naming
11/20 Mobility
11/27 Scalability
11/30 Heterogeneity
12/04 Security
12/07 Final Exam 20%
Class Participation 10%

Reading Material  -- Part I

Optional Reading Material -- Part I

Software Links, Papers, and Tutorials -- Part II

Research Papers -- Part III

Students will critique and present selected papers from recent journal and conference publications, including but not limited to:

Academic Integrity

The Rensselaer Handbook of Student Rights and Responsibilities defines several types of academic dishonesty, all of which are applicable to this class.  Students found in violation of academic dishonesty policies may receive a failing grade for this course.

Please contact the instructor if there is any question about academic (dis)honesty.

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