About Us

Konstantin Kuzmin, PhD led the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute team that developed Molecule while still a graduate student, when he also implemented its database structure and parsed all of pubmed.  He is now a Lecturer in computer science at RPI, with interests in parallel implementations of network algorithms.

During his graduate studies in the Szymanski lab, Partha Sarathi Mukherjee, tested different ways to search through the molecular and human networks in neo4j.  He is now a software engineer at Google.

Xiaoyan Lu tackled the problem of author disambiguation, which is essential to accurate search results in Moleclue, as part of his graduate studies on large scale network analysis, in the Szymanski lab.  He is now a software engineer at Google.

Boleslaw Szymanski, PhD  is a professor of computer science and Director of the Social Cognitive Networks Academic Research Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI).  He is responsible for guiding and making direct contributions to Moleclue, as well as other social and technological network studies.

Chris Gaiteri wanted to find people excited to study neglected molecules for Alzheimer’s disease.  When that task turned out to be difficult, Moleclue was designed to make that easier.


We would like to thank the National Library of Medicine for their assistance in accessing pubmed and Dr. Sara Mostafavi for access to the library of molecular interactions behind Gene Mania, which contribute to search results.