Barb's 6.001 Recitation Notes

Spring 2005

Office Hours:
32-D414 (that's the 4th floor of the Dreyfoos Tower in the Stata Center)
Tuesday & Thursday afternoons, or by appointment

The primary lecture material for 6.001 can be found on the course website.

recitation 1: scheme expressions
recitation 2: lambda & the substitution model
recitation 3: substitution model, recursion
recitation 4: recursive/iterative processes, order of growth
recitation 5: cons/car/cdr/list
recitation 6: higher order procedures & types
recitation 7: more practice with higher-order procedures
recitation 8: more practice problems...
recitation 9: symbols
recitation 10: tagged data
recitation 11: association lists & hash tables
recitation 12: mutation
recitation 13: more mutation & trees huffman.scm
recitation 14: trees & search May Zhou's handout solutions for 2pm section
recitation 15: environment diagrams
recitation 16: message passing
recitation 17: object-oriented programming
recitation 18: more object-oriented programming
recitation 19: quiz 2 review
recitation 20: evaluation, Prof. Collins taught recitation
recitation 21: more evaluation
recitation 22: lazy evaluation & streams
recitation 23: asynchronous computing
recitation 24: the halting problem & garbage collection
recitation 25: Jeopardy!

Archive of old 6.001 quizzes & final exams (organized by David Ziegler)

Note: The exam coverage may vary slightly from term to term,
but these are good examples of what to expect.