CSCI-6962 Advanced Computer Graphics, Fall 2005
Assignment 3: Flow Simulation

The goal of this assignment is to experiment with a (partially-implemented) 3D Flow Simulator for fluid, smoke, viscous materials, etc. The bulk of the implementation has been provided including data structures, a discrete approximation of the Navier-Stokes Equations, and some rendering tools.

Some implementation details in the code are incomplete and other things may be (unintentionally) incorrect. In this assignment you will implement velocity interpolation for marker particles, play with free-slip and no-slip boundary conditions for incompressible flows, compressible flows, and create your own new scene or visualization.


Additional References

Basic Code, similar to previous assignments

Fluid simulation and data structures

Simple test datasets

These files test your simulation in 2D perpendicular to each axis so you can check that you've got your indices sorted out correctly.


Please read the assignment information again before submitting.