CSCI-6962 Advanced Computer Graphics, Fall 2005
Final Project

Here's your opportunity to explore an additional topic not covered in the previous assignments. Hopefully you can connect what you've learned to your research area or other interests. The scope of your assignment should be carefully defined so that it can be successfully completed in about a month.


As you choose your topic and begin to flesh out the details, keep in mind that implementing new data structures or algorithms can take much longer than anticipated. Also be warned that designing and implementing even relatively simple user interfaces require alot of effort (and is not particularly relevant to this course).

Your proposal should be plaintext (with optional supporting images) or pdf. The document should include:

The proposal is due Nov 3rd. I'll read your proposals them over the weekend and give you feedback by the end of the day on Monday, November 7th. If necessary, I'll ask you to revise and resubmit your proposal.

Final Report

Your final report should be plaintext (with supporting images and/or animations) or pdf. The report document should be roughly 1000 words and describe the technical details of your assignment. In particular, we want to know about: Make sure to acknowledge any references you consulted to complete the assignment and the extent of any collaboration with other students or outside sources. As with the other assignments, submit your source code, a linux or windows executable, and any necessary data files.

Final Project Presentation

On the last day of class everyone have approximately 20 minutes to present their final project to the class. More details will follow.