CSCI-4972 Introduction to Visualization
Fall 2010
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Sep 29For HW6, please form your team for the final project and prepare an initial project proposal. For more info please see the description posted on the calendar.
Sep 29HW5 has been posted on LMS.
Sep 23HW4 and readings for Monday the 27th have been posted on LMS.
Sep 17I've swapped the order of the due dates for the homeworks & readings for the remainder of the semester. From now on, your LMS post with summary/comments/questions on one of the readings will be due on Mondays just before midnight. And the homework assignment post on LMS and submission of code to the homework server will be due on Tuesdays just before midnight.
Sep 4 Monday is a holiday, so Dave's normal Monday office hours will be postponed until Tuesday from 12-2pm. Post any homework or VTK questions on LMS. Send Dave email if you want to schedule a different time to meet in person.
Sep 4 Homework 1 and comments on the first readings are both due on Tuesday the 7th at 5pm.
Sep 1 We've switched rooms! Starting next week (Sept 8) we'll meet in Amos Eaton 215 (same time).
Sep 1 Lecture notes from the first day have been posted on the calendar.
Aug 25 We have posted "Assignment 0" on the calendar, which is due on Tuesday Aug 31st at 5pm. Yes! There is an assignment due before the first day of class. But don't worry... it's simple and worth extra credit :)
       Welcome to CSCI 4972: Introduction to Visualization
The first day of class will be Wednesday September 1st, see you there!